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Our HVAC technicians are prepared to handle any AC repair with a van full of tools and equipment.​

Air Conditioning Repair In Wadsworth, OHIO

We are experts in AC Repair in Wadsworth, OH. We have the skills and experience to replace, install, and repair any type of air conditioning system, including condensers, three-piece systems, package units, and mini-splits. 
Our comfort advisors will be thrilled to work with you to find the best HVAC system for your home and lifestyle. You can rely on will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Indicators You Need a ac repair

Here are a few indicators that may indicate it’s time to repair your AC:

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional installation is crucial for a new AC system. It’s a complex process that demands specialized knowledge and skills. Thus, leaving the installation in professional hands is best, like our AC specialists at Kimmel. You will have peace of mind with a warranty on an expertly installed system.

The cost of replacing your AC system can vary depending on different factors. Your AC model, your home’s square footage, and the installation difficulty are among them. At Kimmel, we offer affordable rates for all our AC system replacement and installation services. Additionally, we always give you a written estimate before beginning any work.

Your AC system may work for more or less time, but it lasts 10-15 years on average. Having a professional check your AC system annually is a good idea to ensure it’s running properly and handle any minor issues before they worsen. If your AC system is often malfunctioning, is over ten years old, or is raising your energy bills, consider looking for a replacement.

You need to consider several factors before choosing to repair or replace your AC system. Among them how old the system is, the gravity of the issues, and how much the repair will cost. Repairing may be a wise decision in some cases, but if the AC is causing problems constantly or increasing your bills, replacing it may be more affordable.

The company’s experience, reputation, and expertise are essential factors when choosing an AC company in Wadsworth, OH. You should also consider the price, response time, and customer service reliability. At Kimmel, we prioritize providing the community with high-quality service and affordable AC system installation and replacement services with a selected team of experts.

We have competitive and transparent pricing for all our services. Never pay any hidden fees or extra charges. You will always know the price before starting the service.
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