The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance for Homeowners

May 16, 2023

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance for Homeowners

HVACs are like cars; to keep them in good shape, you must maintain them. Although your HVCAs may not cost as much as your car, they are necessary for comfort in your home.

As such, you should prioritize HVAC preventative maintenance if you want your heating and cooling systems to last as long as possible and perform at peak efficiency.

Preventative maintenance on a heating and cooling system reduces the likelihood of a breakdown, especially during peak usage times, just like routine oil changes and tire rotations keep your car running smoothly.

Preventative HVAC maintenance entails visual and physical inspection and cleaning, and verification of system functionality. It also helps anticipate problems so they may be dealt with more easily.

Keep reading as we explain some of the most compelling reasons to consider scheduling regular HVAC maintenance for your home and other properties.

Improve Comfort in Your Home

The main reason for getting an HVAC system is to regulate your home’s temperature during hot summers and cold winters. However, as your HVAC system gets older, its ability to generate and distribute warm or frigid air consistently starts to reduce.

With time, some people just get used to these inconsistencies. Instead of fixing the system, they just conclude that specific parts of their homes are too hot or too cold. In reality, these are minor faults that regular maintenance can fix.

If you are experiencing such issues, it’s a warning sign that might precede the system’s total failure. One day, you might return home from work during winter to find your ventilation blasting with cold air. Or, worst still, the entire system might stop working altogether.

To prevent such from happening, it is crucial that you employ the services of experts to check the system. Preventive maintenance measures, such as cleaning your ductwork, can help ensure your home is heated and cooled equally and efficiently.

Regular maintenance will also reduce the likelihood that HVAC sounds or odors will interfere with your quality of life.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Improved energy efficiency is one of the major perks of routine HVAC maintenance. When you employ a reputable technician to service your HVAC system, it consumes less energy to heat or cool your home because it functions more efficiently.

The preventative maintenance procedures will exhaustively test, inspect, and clean each component of your HVAC system. This will ensure that the system is operating as efficiently as possible.

When your HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency, it won’t have to work as hard to keep you and your family comfortable. This will result in decreased energy consumption and a lower electricity bill.

However, if you neglect to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system, it will have to work harder and harder over time to produce the same output.

For instance, if your HVAC has clogged filters, it will severely restrict airflow. This will force your air conditioner and heater to work excessively to cool or heat your home. Asides from increasing your energy bills, this can also accelerate the normal wear and tear of the components in the HVAC.

Avoid Expensive Maintenance

An HVAC system that receives annual maintenance will require fewer repairs in the future. This is because, during routine maintenance visits, trained HVAC experts can identify potential trouble spots. In this way, you may address problems before they become real issues.

Like any electronic device in your house, early detection is vital to repairing everyday wear and tear and other faults in your HVAC. Faults detected early are easier to fix and need less money and effort.

If you don’t maintain your HVAC system periodically, even little problems can escalate into costly catastrophes. Sadly, the demand for HVAC service calls tends to spike during harsh weather.

During the busiest season, a typical HVAC contractor has two to three weeks backlog of work, which can significantly delay emergency response times. That means if your system breaks down during their busy season,  you may have to wait two or more weeks to fix it.

Just imagine if that happens in the middle of a harsh winter or summer; you’ll have to endure the extreme weather until an expert is available to fix it.

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

According to the Energy Department of the United States, air conditioners are responsible for the annual emission of around 117 million tons of carbon dioxide. A good percentage of these emissions come from faulty HVAC systems.

Maintaining your HVAC system makes your home eco-friendlier since its carbon footprint is smaller. This is because a functional HVAC system uses less energy and has a minor environmental impact.

These preventative measures to ensure that your HVAC system uses as little energy as possible can be as easy as changing the filters regularly and using the best type of refrigerant.

Enhance the quality of air within Your Home

Air conditioning and heating systems are notorious for collecting dust, dirt and debris, which can then be distributed throughout your home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the concentration of airborne contaminants within your house is likely two to five times more than it is outside. This is a serious issue, especially if you or a family member has asthma or another breathing disorder.

Every day, we breathe in a range of these pollutants since we spend almost 90% of our time indoors. Household dust, pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen, and mold are just some of the many allergens commonly found inside.

If you smell something musty and are worried about mold, dust or other allergens, it may be time to get your air ducts cleaned by a professional. If you want the cleanest, healthiest air possible coming out of your vents, preventative maintenance is the way to go.

Increase the Lifespan of the System

Finally, one of the main benefits of routine maintenance is that it extends the lifespan of your HVAC system. With regular maintenance, you can slow down the impact of wear and tear on your HVAC system. Since new systems can be costly, preventative maintenance relieves the stress of shelling out thousands of dollars.

Final Thoughts

As a homeowner, routine maintenance of your HVAC system is essential. It enhances energy efficiency, reduces the need for expensive maintenance, enhances air quality, ensures safety and, most importantly, lengthens the system’s lifespan.

If you own your own home, you should consider having your HVAC systems routinely maintained so they can work at their highest capacity. Do not put off calling for maintenance until something goes wrong; instead, plan appointments for routine maintenance to keep your HVAC system operating correctly.

As the summer heat and humidity and the dry and cold winter can be intolerable in North Dakota, it is essential to have your HVAC system always running. You can always trust us to keep your HVAC system properly maintained.

Contact us now, and we will gladly dispatch our knowledgeable and amiable service technicians to your residence.

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